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How often should your Hypoallergenic Siberian Cat visit the Vet?

The answer to this question depends on your cat’s life stage. Anyway, it’s very important to bear in mind that your pet needs regular checkups to stay healthy and live longer.

The fact is that cats usually receive less veterinary care than the expected. Some of the reasons for this deficiency care are:

  • People think cats don’t really need to visit the vet because they are self-sufficiency. Moreover everybody knows about feline health and welfare.

  • Siberian Cat is a special healthy breed and you could think they don’t need special cares.

  • Cats don’t show signs of illness even when they are ill. We must be careful because our Hypoallergenic Siberian Cat has the ability to mask this kind of signs.

  • We’re extremely busy and have no time to visit the vet.

  • Our lovely Siberian Cat doesn’t like to get into the carrier.

Here you’ll find a guide to understand how often should your Hypoallergenic Siberian Cat should go to the vet:

KITTENS (From Birth to 1 year old)

During ths period of time it’s important to be very strict and visit your vet ofen. You’ll need to bring your Siberian Cat in to the vet for vaccines and checkups at least once a month until he or she is 3 month old.

They will get all the vaccinations to cover several diseases. It’s important to test them for possible feline leukemia and any other feline virus. The breeder should take care of that before you adopt the kitten.

Your cat will be medicated for heartworm and flea/tick prevention as well.

There are other things that the vet will check to make sure your pet is growing healthy and has no signs of illness. The professional also will check how training and socialization are going for this life stage.

Around 3 or 4 months, the vet will practice the early spay or neuter and will check again your Hypoallergenic Siberian Cat before rehome him/her.

ADULT TO SENIOR (From 1 year old to 8 years old)

Siberian Cats don’t present any breed healthy problem because they are the result of the natural evolution in the Siberan woods. Anyway, they’ll need a yearly checkup to evaluate his/her health.

It’s important to prevent intestinal parasites. If your Hypoallergenic Siberian Cat lives outdoor, your vet will get feline leukemia vaccines.

SENIOR (From 8 years old and Older)

Your Hypoallergenic Siberian Cat is getting old and he/she will need more attention. It will depend on his/her health but vets suggest a visit twice a year.

Once again, as Siberian Cats are the result of nature, they don’t need to be treated of any breed illness.

Sometimes is recommended to practice a blood and urine test to check everything is fine.

Please, apart of this guide, look after your lovely pet and go to the vet if you see he/she isn’t eating, drink too much water or has a strange behavior.

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