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We are a family from Barcelona that lived in the UK for several years. We love animals, and especially cats, but unfortunately we are allergic to them. Many years ago, we discovered that Siberian cats are hypoallergenic, and we decided to adopt one, our handsome and majestic pet cat, Tom. Years later, after such a good experience with him, we decided to start helping other cat-loving allergy sufferers by breeding these very special cats, so that they too could enjoy the experience of living with a cat without suffering from any symptoms.

FOREST DREAMS is a small family-run cattery that looks after the incredible breed of Siberian cats.


Our goal is to work hard to maintain the purity of this breed. We selected our cats from the best breeders, based on their style and personality. We raise very affable cats in a relaxed atmosphere.


Our cats live with us and our three children as family members. Therefore we can enjoy their company every day whilst also being very attensive to their needs, so that they grow up healthy and happy.


Our best reward is when our kittens find a good home where they are loved and people know how to take care of them, so that they will form a strong bond with their new owners and loving and affectionate relationship.

Photo: Forest Dreams' Cattery Registration Certificate in The International Cat Association.

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