Moving house can be a stressful time for your Siberian Cat. This huge change can cause several problems to your pet. But there are things you can do to help moving house  smoothly.

From some weeks in advance, through to the day of your move, this checklist takes you thr...

Children like playing with any sort of game but they even prefer more playing with pets. Cats are really good fun to family life, but you must establish a few rules to avoid tears. When kids and cats are playing together, it is important to keepan eye on them and teach...

Siberian Cats come from the Forests and still keep their wild instincts. This is largely a reflection of their evolution, as they were really good hunters in order to survive. Hypoallergenic Siberian Cats remain very athletic and still have amazing hunting skills....

An annual veterinary visit is more than a must for every Siberian Cat but it is only the starting point in looking after your cat's health. It is your job as an owner to check on your pet regularly and identify any early warning signs of any possible health issue.




¿Did you know that your cat is judging you? Cats are the best. This is what they really think.

Check out this amazing video from BuzzFeedYellow. I'm sure our Hypoallergenic Siberan Cats have some of these thoughts. Enjoy it! ;-)


When summer arrives and the temperature rises, we have to prevent heat stroke for our Siberian Cat. They don't cool down like people, cats sweat through their paws. Their temperature goes down by licking themselves and letting the saliva evaporates.



Your Hypoallergeni...

Introducing a new kitten home doesn't mean just set up a corner with a bed, a litter box and some food and water. Lets talk about how to do it properly.

Here are a few very simple tips to help you introducing a new kitten home. Hopefully some of these guidelines will he...

The famous saying “Curiosity killed the cat” unfortunately can be true. It's your responsibility, as a responsible cat owner, to make sure your hypoallergenic siberian cat doesn't get him into trouble.

Here are a few very simple tips to help you make your home safer for...

The period of socialization in cats occurs during the first stage of their life, between two and seven weeks of age. What Hypoallergenic Siberian Cats learn is how to interact with other animals and people.


It’s very important to provide many experiences with the world...

Animal Planet published in their Youtube Channel this very interesting video about our lovely breed, Hypoallergenic Siberan Cats. I hope you enjoy it! ;-)


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