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Our cats come directly from the best breeders in Russia, who have with many years of experience. That is how we can guarantee the utmost purity of our kittens. Also, at FOREST DREAMS we are specialized in the traditional colors of this breed and our offspring has the component Tabby of wild forest cats. 

VinniMur Roquefort - Our King

Colour: Black Silver Spotted Tabby

Born: 30/12/2014


Our male breeding cat from Russia, has an exceptional size. This big boy is very agile and has great strength, both typical features from his ancestors. He has an excellent character. We are very proud to have him at home.

VinniMur Silverfox - Queen


Colour: Blue Tabby

Born: 16/01/2015


One of the queens of our home, she comes from Saint Petersburg. She is the perfect example of a Siberian female cat, her face has rounded features and slanted eyes. Her beautiful body is as striking as her spectacular coat. Her character is so sweet, she is absolutely lovely. 

Veresk Line Fortune - Queen


Colour: Black Mackerel Tabby

Born: 14/01/2015


She comes from Moscow, Russia. This girl is very active, her antics make us laugh every day. She has an excellent demeanor, and unsurpassed beauty, whilst her loving character has stolen our hearts.

Rossity Umnica - Queen


Colour: Brown Mackerel Tortie Tabby

Born: 18/06/2014


She is the eldest sister that anyone would love to have always with you. She is originally from Moscow, is serene and brings tranquility at home. She loves to be loved.

Rossity Xaviera - Queen


Colour: Brown Classic Tabby

Born: 12/04/2015


She is our youngest girl at home and comes from Moscow. It is the sweetest thing in the world, very beautiful as well. She is ready to give us love every single moment of the day. Her energy and vitality are incredible, a good exemple of healthy lifestyle.

Veresk Line Jasmine - Queen


Colour: Black Silver Mackerel Tabby with white

Born: 13/03/2016


She also comes from Moscow. It is very pretty and she know perfectly. We love her white socks, a feature that makes her look very special. She is highly intelligent and a fiercely independent creature.

Veresk Line Gzhel - Queen


Colour: Black Silver Spotted Torbie

Born: 22/02/2015


She is a russian beautiful girl. Gzhel is always around making sure we all are fine and wants to get involved in any familiar activity. She is definitely part of the pack. We cannot imagine our home without her.


Infinity Crown of Siberia - Queen


Colour: Brown (Black) Mackerel Tabby

Born: 06/10/2016


This beauty also comes from Moscow like some other queens in our cattery. She is the sweetest possible thing. Infinity has amazing Siberian tabby marks.  Her kindness is infinite, the best possible friend.

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