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Kids and Hypoallergenic Cats

Children like playing with any sort of game but they even prefer more playing with pets. Cats are really good fun to family life, but you must establish a few rules to avoid tears. When kids and cats are playing together, it is important to keepan eye on them and teach children the warning signs and respect rules. Your Hypoallergenic Cat is not a toy, it is a good friend to play with.

  • Siberian Cats should always be treated gently. Sometimes they like playing, other times not. You should learn their body language to understand their mood.

  • Watch out for your cat's teeth. Sometimes, even playing, they can hurt you easily. If your hypoallergenic Cat bites you gently, do not take your hand away.

  • A cat may also hurt you if you suddently try to take a toy away when playing. It is because he could think this is part of the game. Don't use your hands to play with, it's always better using, for instance, a rope or feather

  • Hypoallergenic Cats are very clever, they love interactive games with you. Their behavior reminds us many times the way dogs play. Siberians love chasing balls, it is a natural hunting instinct.

  • Cats can get very excited when they are playing with you. Try not to overexcite them.

  • Teach your kid how to hold securely a cat. Otherwise your Siberian may scratch him trying to run away.

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