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Hypoallergenic Siberian Cats and their Wild Instincts

Siberian Cats come from the Forests and still keep their wild instincts. This is largely a reflection of their evolution, as they were really good hunters in order to survive. Hypoallergenic Siberian Cats remain very athletic and still have amazing hunting skills.

Siberian Cat outdoors on the snow. Source:

It seems to be an open question about who domesticated whom but history suggests that cats chose to adopt us at around the time that agriculture was established. Wild cats were attracted to grain stores where they hunted rodents. People soon began to encourage them to stay around to kill these pests.

Siberian Cats retain the keen hunting instincts of their wild ancestors. If you allow them to go outdoors they will see birds, rodents and other small animals as their natural prey. So likely they will hunt and will bring some "gifts" to you. Do not be surprised if you arrive home and discover your cat sitting proudly at the front door next to a dead bird. It is his way to thank you for the love you are giving him.

In Forest Dreams we are specialized in breeding traditional colours. All our Siberian Cats have the tabby patterning which typifies their wild relative. These markings serve to break up a cat's outline, helping them to merge more effectively into the background when hunting.

These forest cats still are nocturnal. They have an excellent night vision. A Hypoallergenic Siberian Cat needs only one-sixth the amount of light that we require. Their retina increases vision in very low light situations. This is also the reason why their eyes appear to shine when it is dark. This night vision is essential for nocturnal hunters.

Although Siberian Cats are extremely sociable with humans, other cats and even the rest of pets like dogs, they are solitary hunters and so they go off on their own when exploring and hunting. However, your Hypoallergenic Siberan Cat will need some quality social time with you and the rest of your family in order to be happy. It's very important for them to take time to play. This way your cat will be able to train his natural wild hunting instincts.

By keeping in mind that cat's natural behaviors are a mixture of basic instints and adaptation to living with humans, you will be able to understand your cat better. Both you and your Siberian Cat will benefit from a healthy relationship in so many ways and will help your pet to live very happy as one more in your family.

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