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The best safety tips for your Hypoallergenic Siberian Cat

The famous saying “Curiosity killed the cat” unfortunately can be true. It's your responsibility, as a responsible cat owner, to make sure your hypoallergenic siberian cat doesn't get him into trouble.

Here are a few very simple tips to help you make your home safer for your hypoallergenic cat. Please, bear in mind that we can't cover all possible dangers in just an article. But hopefully some of these guidelines will help you to avoid life threatening situations.

1. Keep windows closed at anytime, your Siberian Cat could fall out. Alternatively, install protective screens to let him enjoy the view and smell fresh air.

2. Keep sharp and dangerous tools away from your Hypoallergenic Siberian Cat.

3. Be careful with electrical cords, cats and specially kittens love chewing them. You can spray cords with safe spicy or bitter-tasting products, designed for that purpose.

4. Try to keep your Hypoallergenic Siberian Cat indoors. Build a walk cat enclosure protected from external elements.

5. Don't hit your cat after inappropriate behavior. Physical punishment doesn't teach your cat and he could scape forever.

6. Keep your cat always identified. If he gets lost it will be easier to find him.

7. Confine your Siberian Cat when you have visitors at home. This way you will prevent possible escapes.

8. Antifreeze is absolutely deadly. If your car leaks, get it fixed asap. Even a small ammount could be fatal.

9. Store any poisons away from your Hypoallergenic Siberian Cat in a safe place and well locked. Cats can open almost every door if they want to get in there.

10. Be careful with other animals that could get into your home and fight against your cat.

11. Keep your trashcan, toiled lid and any capboard closed at anytime. Do it the same with your washing machine, dryer machine... You will avoid risks.

12. Canned cat food can go bad quickly on a hot day. Refrigerate any leftover or remove it after half an hour.

13. Clear anything that your Siberian Cat might ingest, especially small pieces.

Remember: you know better than everyone what your cat likes to do. Keep your eyes open at anytime. Prevention is the best way to avoid dangers.

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