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Bringing a new Hypoallergenic Siberian Cat home

Introducing a new kitten home doesn't mean just set up a corner with a bed, a litter box and some food and water. Lets talk about how to do it properly.

Here are a few very simple tips to help you introducing a new kitten home. Hopefully some of these guidelines will help you:

1. Give your Siberian Cat time to spend with his mother before you take him home. You never should adopt him before he's at least 12 weeks old. Sometimes it takes a litle bit longer to socialize the kitten, don't rush.

2. When rehomed, your Siberian kitten will need an extra time to settle and to adjust to your house. During the first days place him in a quite room with all that he needs. It's important to him feeling secure. This way your Hypoallergenic Cat will be able to get used to all the new sounds and voices from the house. Remeber make your kitten's new home warm and cozy.

3. After some days, allow your kitten exploring his new home. In a few days he will feel confortable and will come to you.

4. Handle him very gentle so he will understand you are friendly and are on his side.

5. Take your time to kitte-proof your home. Remeber it's your responsability, as his cat owner, to make sure he's safe at anytime. Please, check out our post The best safety tips for your Hypoallergenic Siberian Cat.

6. If you already have other pets at home, give them time to get acquainted. They will need extra ettention to ease their anxiety. Keeping them separately in different rooms will allow them to sniff around and get used to the new smells. Step by step they will feel comfortable to explore each other and introduce themselves. If any of them become aggressive, separate them and try again later.

7. Visit your vet within a day or two of his arrival. After that, be sure your Siberian Cat visits the vet as often as necessary. Please, check out or post How often should your Hypoallergenic Siberian Cat visit the Vet?

8. If you are away, make sure your lovely pet is safe at anytime. He should be secured in a closed room or secured area with all he could need: food, water, litter, scratching post and some toys. Select the toys very carefully as you could do it with your children. The best option is choosing only toys designed for cats.

9. Remeber your kitten has left his mother. When you first introduce your Hypoallergenic Siberian kitten home, he may miss her. Give him all your love from now on, he deserves the best.

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